present pdf slides at its best!


The pdfPresenter app is a lightweight software that helps you to give excellent presentations based on slide sets in PDF format. These can be created with any program, from Apple’s Keynote to LaTeX with the Beamer class. This allows you to use the tool you are most familiar with to create slides with your content. The only requirement for using pdfPresenters is a landscape format for the pages of the slide deck.

The workflow of using our app is as follows;

  1. Create your slides with the software of your choice (PDF in a landscape format);
  2. Import the slides into pdfPresenter (menu File, Open or drag-and-drop the file);
  3. Expand the slides with notes or handwritten annotations (so-called magic annotations as they are invisible to the audience), which will serve as thought support during your presentation (main window and iPad screen if necessary).

Now you can start your presentation. The third item is the essential functionality of our app. We focus on providing you with the best possible support during your presentation so that you can implement your presentation plan perfectly with as little effort as possible and get to the heart of your thoughts in a lively speech with precise wording (in magic ink on the slides). This support is realized in the app through the following views and windows:

Instructions for using the individual windows can be found under the links above.